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 Frequently Asked Questions

How do Christmas Glasses work?

Although the lenses look clear they transform any point of light into Christmas images. Originally developed by NASA engineers (yes, honestly...but probably for other uses), the engineers turned the science into Christmas magic! The lenses turn any point of light into a magical Christmas image. They can be worn over normal prescription glasses just like 3D glasses at the cinema.

How do I display Christmas Glasses in my store? 

Our standard offering for retailers includes a free standing cardboard point of sale Christmas Tree. This is shipped pre-assembled in a box complete with flashing LED lights, batteries and a set of sample pairs hung on "wobblers". The batteries we provide you with will last through the Christmas shopping season.

How much stock of Christmas Glasses do I receive with this standard offering? 

Along with the Christmas Tree display you will receive 300 Christmas Glasses. 75 of each design; Reindeer, Snowman, Santa and Gingerbread men. Other non-standard types can be provided for custom orders. These include Candy Canes, Snowflakes and Fairies

What if I need extra stock? 

Most retailers ask for additional stock - as far as we are aware EVERY retailer sells out of Christmas Glasses each year! You can order as many extra glasses as you would like. Minimum re-stocking order is 100. Glasses come in bundles of 25. You can therefore have any mix of types of glasses, for example; 50 Santa, 25 Reindeer, 75 Snowman.

Do I pay extra for delivery in the UK? 

NO - all prices quoted are CARRIAGE PAID for MAINLAND UK, excluding Scottish Highlands. Please do check with us for shipping to your location. We supply worldwide and would normally ship from our location in the USA to some countries such as Japan and China.

What languages are Christmas Glasses available in? 

Currently our stock glasses are available in English. We are able to print the glasses in any language provided the order volumes are large enough (5,000 plus) so please do contact us for more information and your requirements.

OK, anything else? 

We do provide discounts for volume orders. Minimum initial order is just 1 Christmas Tree pack complete with 300 glasses but large retailers or those managing a large Christmas event / grotto / commercial lighting installation will receive discounts based on volume. Our pricing is clearly published so you know what price you will pay. Please do ask for more information.

I am running an event, show, grotto... 

Rather than supplying the standard retail offering of a Christmas Tree display and 300 pairs of glasses we are very happy to work with you and provide the breakdown of product that works best for you. For example, we recently supplied a customer with 10,000 reindeer glasses for a specific event. We will work with you to try and achieve a price point that works for you.

I am a major retailer looking for a large volume!

We can supply any volume you require - our manufacturing capability runs into millions of units. For large orders we can offer a range of different types of glasses beyond the four standard types (Santa, Reindeer, Gingerbread man, Snowflakes) and we can also print your logo, design or text on the glasses as well - please give us a call and we can talk through your requirements.


For ordering or sales information please contact us on:

Tel: +44 (0)1344 299 628

Sparkle & Light Ltd
3 Onslow Drive

Retailers - Order Your Stock Today!
Order your free standing Christmas Tree display. Comes ready built complete with flashing LED lights & batteries, sample pairs on wobblers and 300 pairs of Christmas Glasses.

Minimum order is just 1 Christmas Tree with 300 Christmas Glasses. Then order addition stock when you need it.

Free-standing 5ft (1.5m) Christmas Tree POS display looks great as part of your Christmas shop. Locate next to your Christmas lights for maximum magical impact!