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 Fireworks Glasses have arrived!!

You already know about our amazing 3D Christmas Glasses, well now Bonfire Night, New Years Eve and any fireworks event will be even more spectacular with our brand new 3D Fireworks Glasses, already a huge hit in the USA. More than 200 million people have viewed firework displays wearing these glasses!

See for Yourself!
Watch our video of a fireworks display. Initially without Fireworks Glasses and then with! We recommend viewing the video full screen and there is sound.

How do they work?
Our Fireworks glasses include holographic diffraction lenses that breaks light into amazing rainbow bursts. Turn any fireworks display or laser light show into an amazing visual spectacular!

Typical retail price is £1.49 per pair. The compact desktop point of sale display provides a great impulse buy and sits perfectly on your fireworks display counter.

Retailer Pack
Our standard retailers pack includes the point of sale display and 150 pairs of glasses, shipped direct to your mainland UK address for just £99. That's the equivalent of 66p per pair. Discounts are available for volume orders. Minimum re-order is just 50 pairs.

Free-standing (30cm x 60cm) Fireworks Glasses POS display looks great as part of your Fireworks display. At a typical retail price of £1.49 per pair they are a great impulse buy and something completely new to offer your customers!


 Contact us

For ordering or sales information please contact us on:

Tel: +44 (0)1344 299 628

Sparkle & Light Ltd
3 Onslow Drive

Order Your Stock Today!
Order your Fireworks Glasses Retailer Pack today. Comes complete with counter top point of sale display and 150 pairs of amazing Fireworks Glasses.

Minimum order is just 1 Retailer Pack then order addition stock when you need it.